August 31, 2021

Schwarze Carbon Black-Pigmente und Recycling

Auswirkungen von schwarze carbon black-pigmente auf den recyclingprozess Bevor wir in den Recycling-Aspekt eintauchen, lassen Sie uns herausfinden, was Carbon Black ist. Was ist Carbon Black? Carbon Black besteht hauptsächlich aus Ruß. Dieser besteht aus feinen Kohlenstoff-Partikeln. Die unterschiedlichen Eigenschaften von Carbon Black werden bei der Herstellung durch die teilweise Verbrennung von Öl oder Gas […]

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Oktober 28, 2020

The differences between Recyclable Vs Recycled

In this Get the Grip on Green, you will get all needed information which make the differences between a recyclable product versus a recycled product. This might be a bit more complex than what you believe. We wIsh you a good reading and if you need any further information realted to sustainability, feel free to contact us:

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September 16, 2020

3 tutos to give a second life to your empty packaging

With these 3 funny tutos, let’s discover how to reuse your empty packaging and to transform them into usefull items. Ideal to do with the kids by the way …

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September 3, 2020


In this issue, we will present you the complex process for recycling PE & PP packaging. As always, if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you a great reading !

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August 10, 2020


You are willing to adopt a more sustainable approach but you don’t know where to start, which solution to chose for your business? Don’t worry, the Pont Green team will help you to define the best material or product solution to fit with your needs. So, do not hesitate, contact us today !

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August 6, 2020

Give a second life to your used packaging – video

One of the pillars of the circular economy is the concept of RE-USE. Indeed, why throwing away something which can get a second life? Here we show you how to transform a large container into a new & design home-made flower vase. The tuto is French but with clear UK subtitles which makes it simple to follow. Every steps are very well explained and it’s very easy to do. You will not see your packaging as before …

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Juli 29, 2020

Get the Grip on Green #5 – PET recycling process

Into this issue, we will go through the PET recycling process and explain some best practices to consider for your PET packaging. Did you know that the type of label or even the type of glue used to stick the label may have a very bad impact on your product recyclability? Dicsover why by reading this article.

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Juli 12, 2020

A financial incentive for boosting plastics recyclability

EU proposes financial incentive to boost plastics recyclability What does CITEO think about this approach? From January 2021, European Union (EU) countries will likely pay an annual levy of €0.80 per kilo of unrecycled plastics packaging waste – which would be equivalent to €0.024 for a 30g, 1.5–litre PET bottle. This initiative was announced in […]

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Get the Grip on Green #4 – The world of recycling

Here again is our sustainable news! This time, we’re revealing the secrets of the recycling chain and all you need to know about the recycling process. It’s technical stuff but we’ve done our best to present the global recycling stream in a clear and understandable way! We certainly had questions. If you do too, drop […]

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Juli 9, 2020

Get the Grip on Green #3 – Sustainable materials

​​​​​​​​Recycled Materials In this new edition, we’re looking at one of the main pillars of sustainability which is of course the material used to produce packaging. As you will discover, some of the common ideas about green packaging might be challenged here. And if you’d like to know more about this topic, just send us […]

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Aufgrund der raschen Entwicklung der Nachhaltigkeit in der Verpackungsbranche sowie lokaler Unterschiede bei Recyclingprozessen und Gesetzen dienen die in diesem Dokument enthaltenen Informationen nur zur Information.
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